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Contents by purpose
This is Kaori
Hello. This site introduces experiences that I (Kaori) actually enjoyed sightseeing in Nasu, categorized by purpose.

What do you want to do?
▼Eat (67)
"What should I eat? Everything looks delicious."
Perhaps it is related to the rich nature and clean air and water, but the food is delicious.

▼Nasu Town Eat (48)

Stylish Korean home-cooked restaurant

I enjoy eating natural foods that reflect the seasons.

Via LatteaVia Lattea
Casual Italian restaurant

The rice is delicious

Udon Master OkamotoUdon Master Okamoto
Udon noodles are famous for their deliciousness

SOLEUNICO embrace olive
NASU burger is recommended

El BaroloEl Barolo
casual italian

Fragrant soba noodles

Cafe L'olmoCafe L'olmo
stone oven baked pizza

Kamikawa no SatoKamikawa no Sato
I want to eat white soba

KaraKara KoubouKaraKara Koubou
Bar with comfortable jazz music

Western restaurant in a quiet villa area

A pasta specialty store certified for deliciousness

Cucina HasegawaCucina Hasegawa
Italian restaurant

A secret soba restaurant in the forest

A Western restaurant that you'll want to go to again

Cherry BlossomsSakura
A steak restaurant where you can feel luxurious

Three catsThree cats
A5 rank charcoal grilled steak

Gioia MiaGioia Mia
Highly recommended pizza shop

New bellShinsuzu
Delicious handmade soba noodles

Waterwheel buildingSuishakan
Handmade soba noodles are known for their deliciousness.

Sparrow InnSuzume no Oyado
A Western restaurant where you can feel the spirit of hospitality.

Steak House JurakuSteak House Juraku
Popular restaurant for delicious steaks

Relax and enjoy wildflower dishes

Cafe&Pie TarragonTaragon
Delicious pie shop

Taragon Nasu 2Taragon Nasu 2
Handmade pie specialty store

An eel restaurant that has been around for 300 years

Touge no ChyayaTouge no Chyaya
A teahouse with delicious mushroom soup

Nasu Eat It Wagyu BeefNasu Eat It Wagyu Beef
Enjoy the highest quality Wagyu beef

Nasu Kogen BeerNasu Kogen Beer
Local beer that has won numerous awards

A small relaxing sushi restaurant

BBQ GardenBBQ Garden
Animal Kingdom Barbecue Restaurant

Penny RanePenny Rane
A Western restaurant where you can enjoy freshly baked bread

Handmade soba shop

Detox with meat-free vegetable dishes

A home-cooked restaurant where you can feel the warmth of homemade food.

MizuhoguraMizuhogura (restaurant)
A country restaurant where you can be healed by simple tastes

Restaurants at membership resorts

Enjoy French cuisine on the top floor of the hotel

Morino VoivoiMorino Voivoi
Super popular pancake specialty store

Healthy salad udon is popular

Nasu ramen is famous

Auberge La CampagneLa Campagne
Western restaurant

Famous Indian curry restaurant

Ristorante La Vita e BellaLa Vita e Bella
A restaurant where you can enjoy a different world

PIZZERIA La TerraLa Terra (Italian pizza)
A pizza shop with luxurious taste but reasonable prices

Chinese restaurant RinRin (Chinese/Sichuan cuisine)
Delicious authentic Sichuan cuisine

Italian gelato is popular


▼Nasushiobara City Eat (16)

Delicious stone-ground soba noodles

Shirakawa ramen shop

Fish dishes are super delicious

Yakisoba with unusual soup

Grain and miscellaneous grain restaurant

A soba restaurant with a pleasant mountain stream view

Stylish bar

Western restaurant where young people gather

Wappameshi is the best

A hidden country restaurant where you can enjoy a hearth

Toraya BranchToraya Branch
A restaurant with delicious handmade ramen

Farm RestaurantFarm Restaurant
Waldorf-style grain restaurant

Soba restaurant in front of Nasu-Shiobara station

Marushin HonkeMarushin Ramen
Ramen restaurant with delicious char siu noodles

Soba Restaurant YashioYashio
Soba restaurant with jazz music

L'Atelier MonsieurL'Atelier Monsieur
Blissful French cuisine


▼Otawara City Eat (2)

Full of delicious Chinese food

Nagono familyNagoyaka
Stew hamburger is delicious


▼Nakagawa Town Eat (1)

Ko-Sushi Main StoreKo-Sushi Main Store
You can eat plenty of sushi


Season's Menu
-Nasu in Spring
 - The season when the trees are budding beautifully

-Nasu in Summer
 - Season with pleasant cool breeze

-Nasu in Autumn
 - The season when the red and yellow autumn leaves are beautiful

-Nasu in Winter
 - The season when deep and quiet snow falls

Pick Up Menu
-Treasure Experience
 - A "treasure experience" awaits

-Gourmet Experience
 - Surprise "gourmet experience"

-Great Discount Ticket Information
 - Enjoy Nasu wisely

-Free Spot
 - Enjoy without spending money

-Nasu Souvenirs
 - Speaking of Nasu, this is it.

-Nasu Seven Hot Springs
 - Heal your daily fatigue
-Enjoy with Kids
 - Have fun with the whole family
-Taste Picking (Fruit Picking)
 - Harvest and eat it yourself
-How to Have Fun in the Rain
 - We'll have fun even in the rain.
-Nasu Highland Wedding
 - A passionate couple

▼Play (44)
"Okay, let's take the plunge and attack with a driver."
If there's something you haven't experienced yet, consider this a good opportunity to try it out.

▼Nasu Town Play (29)

Strawberry ForestStrawberry Forest
Enjoy strawberry picking at Nasu Highlands

Fortune Telling Nasu's MotherFortune Telling Nasu's Mother
Let's have your fortune told by Nasu's mother, who is currently a popular fortune teller.

Ohno Apple OrchardOhno Apple Orchard
Apple picking at Nasu Highlands

Omaru Hot Spring RyokanDaimaru Hot Spring Ryokan
The river is famous for its hot springs.

Kame KoboKame Kobo
Plates and cups made on a potter's wheel

Candle House Shushu (Experience Class)Candle House Shushu (Experience Class)
Candle making experience

Santogoya Hot SpringSantogoya Hot Spring
Let's go trekking to a hot spring

Shika no YuShika no Yu
A historic hot spring. The smell of sulfur is terrible

Corn picking (Mr. Kikuchi)Corn picking (Mr. Kikuchi)
Get corn in the field

Treasure Stone ParkTreasure Stone Park
Go on a jewel hunt

Music box museum (handmade music box experience)Nasu Music Box Museum (handmade music box experience)
Making a memorable music box

Nasu Country ClubNasu Country Club
Golf course very close to Nasu

Nasukogen Seiryuu no SatoNasukogen Seiryuu no Sato
Enjoy fishing

Nasukogen Golf Driving RangeNasukogen Golf Driving Range
Nice shot with a refreshing feeling

Nasu Safari ParkNasu Safari Park
Meet safari animals such as giraffes and zebras

Nasu Swimming DomeNasu Swimming Dome
I love the warm indoor pool

Nasukogen Golf Driving Range Short CourseNasukogen Golf Driving Range Short Course
Conquer the undulating short course

Nasu Heisei ForestNasu Heisei Forest
Stroll through the forest of Nasu Imperial Villa

Nasu Animal KingdomNasu Animal Kingdom
Interact with cute animals in a vast kingdom

Nasu Highland ParkNasu Highland Park
The vast amusement park is fun just to be there.

Nasu Buggy ParkNasu Buggy Park
Buggy driving experience with a buggy

Nasu Rindoko Lake ViewNasu Rindoko Lake View Family Ranch
A fun ranch to play in

25 Nasu Golf Garden25 Nasu Golf Garden
Petit golf in between sightseeing

NOZARUNOZARU (Nasu Forest Aerial Athletics)
Enjoy the extraordinary feeling to the fullest

Forest of flowers and experiencesForest of Flowers and Experiences (playing in the river in the forest)
Beautiful garden and river play experience

Petit Hiking CoursePetit Hiking Course
Sesshoseki ~ Benten Onsen ~ Daimaru trekking course

Minamigaoka RanchMinamigaoka Ranch
A very popular ranch with free admission

Forest Farm NasuForest Farm Nasu
A ranch in the forest with free admission


▼Nasushiobara City Play (11)

Aoki Golf ParkAoki Golf Park
Great value little-known practice area

Otaka no YuOtaka no Yu
Relax at a hidden hot spring

Toda Golf Driving RangeToda Golf Driving Range
The spacious practice area feels great

Nasunogahara ParkNasunogahara Park
You can spend a day playing cheaply in a park with vast grounds.

Family poolNasunogahara Park Family Pool
Enjoy the huge outdoor pool

Nasu FishlandNasu Fishland
Enjoy a fishing experience in the forest

Hunter Mountain Shiobara Ski ResortHunter Mountain Shiobara Ski Resort
Beginner courses are also available for your peace of mind.

Pyramid Genki OnsenPyramid Genki Onsen
Pyramid hot spring

Forum NasushiobaraForum Nasushiobara
Enjoy movies in Nasu

Senbonmatsu Farm in HoraiSenbonmatsu Farm in Horai
A ranch where you can play all day long

finger bathFinger Bath
Finger hot springs are now available at Shiobara Onsen


▼Otawara City Play (1)

Kurobane Sightseeing CaneKurobane Sightseeing Cane
Enjoy the Japanese atmosphere and sweetfish cuisine


▼Kurobane Town Play (3)

Kamehisa Tourist OrchardKamehisa Tourist Orchard
Autumn apple picking and grape picking

Nasu Kurobane Golf ClubNasu Kurobane Golf Club
A golf course with good service

Potato digging (Poppo Farm)Poppo Farm (potato digging)
Let's dig sweet potatoes


▼Cafe (24)
"It's a stylish cafe. What should I order?"
If you're a little tired from sightseeing, you can take a break and relax at a nice cafe.

▼Nasu Town Cafe (16)

Enjoy traditional British tea

Coffee ground in a stone mill is interesting.

Nice space with comfortable jazz music

Cafe with an adult atmosphere

A homely cafe

Teddy's GardenTeddy's Garden
Tea time with Teddy

Nasu Kogen HERB's (Cafe)Nasu Kogen HERB's (Cafe)
Freshly baked scones are super delicious

A cafe with a modern urban atmosphere

Nasu ClubNasu Club
A stylish and relaxing cafe

Cafe food is delicious

PinePino Cafe&Meal
Natural morning is popular

Puji & PubaPuji & Puba
A comfortable picture bookstore and cafe

Cocoa is the best

Dining Cafe BorageBorage
relaxing cafe

Michinoku Folk Craft StoreMichinoku Folk Craft Store
Sour! nostalgic cafe

A special cafe relocated from an old private house


▼Nasushiobara City Cafe (7)

A popular cafe built in a remodeled apartment

The hot spring steamed bun set is delicious

Cafe KaedeCafe Kaede
A relaxing home cafe

Cafe de Grand BoisCafe de Grand Bois
Everyone in the store feels like friends.

Cafe along Itamuro Kaido

Onsen manju is delicious

A relaxing pure Japanese cafe


▼Kurobane Town Cafe (1)

Sabo ShiroyamaSabo Shiroyama
A tea room full of emotion


▼See (51)
"The cool atmosphere in Nasu feels good."
There are many places you should visit, such as rich nature and museums.

▼Nasu Town See (27)

Stone MuseumStone Museum
The texture of the stone is comfortable

10,000 steps forest10,000 Steps Forest Forest Bathing Course
Famous spots that make you feel like you're in Nasu

Emile Gallé MuseumEmile Gallé Museum
A must-see for the fantastic glass art works

Enjoy the Autumn LeavesEnjoy the Autumn Leaves
The autumn leaves in Nasu are wonderfully beautiful.

Three Cats (Gallery)Three cats (Gallery)
Restaurant gallery

Rickshaw & Showa Retro MuseumRickshaw & Showa Retro Museum
Enjoy the feeling of “sunset on Third Street”

Feel the legends and traditions

Diana Garden Angel MuseumDiana Garden Angel Museum
beautiful garden

Mt. ChausuMt. Chausu
I guess I'll hold it here after all.

Azalea Suspension BridgeAzalea Suspension Bridge
A wobbly suspension bridge that you can cross for free

Nasu Music Box MuseumNasu Music Box Museum
While listening to the music box

Nasu Yuzen ShrineNasu Yuzen Shrine
The god of victory that Yoichi also prayed to

Nasu Kogen Visitor CenterNasu Kogen Visitor Center
Learn about Nasu

Nasu Classic Car MuseumNasu Classic Car Museum
Enjoy a feeling of elegance

Gentian Lake Family Farm (Fireworks)Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family Ranch (Fireworks)
Held every day for about two weeks in early August

Nasu Insect WorldNasu Insect World
Tamaranai place for insect lovers

Nasu Stained Glass MuseumNasu Stained Glass Museum
Nice antique stained glass

Nasu Teddy Bear MuseumNasu Teddy Bear Museum [Ghibli official recognition] My Neighbor Totoro stuffed animal exhibition
Meet teddy bears and Totoro

Trick Art PiaNasu Trick Art Museum
The mysterious world of trompe l'oeil

Nasu Flower WorldNasu Flower World
Stroll through the majestic flower gardens

Nasu History MuseumNasu History Museum
Architecture designed by Kengo Kuma

Nasu RopewayNasu Ropeway
111 seats now, making it even more convenient.

world monkey parkNasu World Monkey Park
rare monkeys of the world

Hidden spot gallery

Fujishiro Seiji MuseumFujishiro Seiji Museum
Be moved by the world of fantastic shadow puppets

Yawata azaleaYawata azalea
The azalea festival from late May to early June is a must-see

Yugyo WillowYugyo Willow
I feel the atmosphere of the past.


▼Nasushiobara City See (13)

Otome FallsOtome Falls
It's a beautiful waterfall

Gallery MaGallery Ma
Be captivated by wonderful works

Kuroiso Fire Brigade's opening ceremonyKuroiso Fire Brigade's opening ceremony
The fire truck parade is fun

Kuroiso ShrineKuroiso Shrine
A popular shrine in Kuroiso

GensankutsuGensankutsu Cave
A little cave exploration

Konoha Fossil PlaceKonoha Fossil Place
Feel the eternal flow of time

Tennonoma Memorial ParkTennonoma Memorial Park
You can think about it

Nakagawa Riverside ParkNakagawa Riverside Park
The cherry blossoms are so beautiful

Numappara MarshlandNumappara Marshland
Looks like a dinosaur is coming

Nogi ShrineNogi Shrine
There is also Aima Tongo.

Roadside Station Meiji no Mori/KuroisoRoadside Station Meiji no Mori/Kuroiso
Aoki Shuzo Bettei is a must-see

Miyama DamMiyama Dam
The beautiful surface of the lake will wash your soul

Yuri ParkYuri Park
A dream-like field of lilies


▼Otawara City See (4)

Zazen-sou ColonyZazen-sou Colony
A rare and cute plant

Tamamo Inari ShrineTamamo Inari Shrine
A rare shrine that enshrines Tamamo no Mae (Nine-Tailed Fox)

Nasu ShrineNasu Shrine
The vermilion-painted tower gate is wonderful

Hadanuma Wild Bird ParkHadanuma Wild Bird Park
Let's go see the swans


▼Kurobane Town View (2)

The curved bridge, stone steps, and Sanmon gate are spectacular.

Kurobanejoshi ParkKurobanejoshi Park
The hydrangeas are beautiful


▼Yuzu Uemura See (4)

Koumarusan HorinjiKoumarusan Horinji
Highlights include Daitengu mask and Saigyo cherry blossoms

Shimosamuraizuka TumulusShimosamuraizuka Tumulus
Beautifully shaped front and back tumulus

Nakagawa Aquatic ParkNakagawa Aquatic Park
A water park themed around the Naka River

Nasu National Monument (Kasaishi Shrine)Nasu National Monument (Kasaishi Shrine)
Japan's oldest monument is a must-see national treasure


▼Nakagawa Town See (1)

Kazuo Iwamura Picture Book Hill MuseumKazuo Iwamura Picture Book Hill Museum
Recreating the satoyama that appears in picture books


▼Buy (44)
"Oh, I couldn't help but buy this much."
Shopping is a fun way to reward yourself for all your hard work.

▼Nasu Town Buy (37)

Asian Old BazaarAsian Old Bazaar
Bali appears in Nasu

Amatani Cheese FactoryAmatani Cheese Factory
Special handmade cheese

Ima Farm Cheese FactoryIma Farm Cheese Factory
Delicious fresh cheese

Nice original chocolate

Ohinata MarcheOhinata Marche
Fresh highland vegetables at a bargain price

Okashi no ShiroCandy Castle Nasu Heartland
Don't forget to buy Nasu souvenirs here.

wind clothKazafu
Wonderful work of indigo dyeing

Gallery TakiGallery Taki
Trial pottery class available

Candle House ChouChouCandle House ChouChou
Aroma Candle

CouronneCouronne Linea
A shop located in the forest that is popular for its delicious bread

A cozy space designed to coexist with the forest

Kopis GardenKopis Garden
The long-awaited gardening shop

Can you discover it?

Hana HakkaHana Hakka
Pleasant herbal scent

Finnish ForestFinnish Forest
I like Moomin goods

Bell FleurBell Fleur
Bread Kobo, a purveyor to the villa family

Watermill Village MizuhokuraMizuhogura
You can buy delicious rice

Cheese Garden Nasu Main StoreCheese Garden Nasu Main Store
Cheesecake is very popular

Tsukii Liquor StoreTsukii Liquor Store
You can get coco wine

A must-see for beads fans

The huge winery that was born in the Nasu Highlands is wonderful

KashiwayaNasukogen Kashiwaya
Thin-skinned manju, one of Japan's three major manju

Nasukogen HERB'sNasukogen HERB's
nice herb specialty store

DaimaruenchiNasu Daimaru Garden
Relieved breath

Nasu Trappist AbbeyNasu Trappist Abbey
Trappist galette is very popular

Marusuzu StoreMarusuzu Store
"Tuna shop" where bluefin tuna is super delicious

Pan de LuanPan de Luan
Freshly baked bread workshop

Scandinavian Atelier Design HugleyHuggly
Scandinavian goods shop

fluffy chiffon cake

Bagel Que-veauBagel que-veau
Chewy bagels are very popular

Woodworking goods that give you a sense of warmth

Cheesecake Studio MANIWA FARMMANIWA FARM (Cheesecake Factory)
Ranch cheesecake factory

Meat Shop ToriharuMeat Shop Toriharu
Excellent roasted chicken

Mrs PoseyMrs Posey
This store is popular among locals as it also sells tea by weight.

Yuu CraftYuu Craft
Lots of stylish pottery

Nasu Resort Shopping Park 661st.661STREET (Nasu Resort Shopping Park)
It's a lot of fun

Le ChèvrefeuilleLe Chèvrefeuille
Delicious moist sweets


▼Nasushiobara City Buy (6)

Let's go meet the friendly Jago-san.

Stone oven bread shop

Nasu Garden OutletNasu Garden Outlet
You can buy genuine luxury brands at low prices

Nasu Wine (Watanabe Vineyard Brewing)Nasu Wine (Watanabe Vineyard Brewing)
If you are a wine connoisseur, at least once

Meat KanazawaMeat Kanazawa
A long-established local butcher shop

Nemu no KiNemu no Ki
You can buy delicious birthday cakes


▼Yuzu Uemura Buy (1)

Tentaka Sake BreweryTentaka Sake Brewery
Nasu's famous local sake


▼Stay (3)
"First, let's take a hot spring and relax."
The best thing about staying somewhere rather than just a day trip is that you can enjoy it to the fullest until late at night.

▼Nasu Town Stay (3)

Hotel Wellness no Mori NasuHotel Wellness no Mori Nasu
The joy of being immersed in a luxurious space

Hotel Epinal NasuHotel Epinal Nasu
A hotel popular with locals

Pensione SaraiPensione Sarai
The best hospitality in a "comfortable space"


▼Useful (18)
"I see, this is convenient."
This is useful information you should know if you want to telework or live in two locations (dual life).

▼Nasu Town Useful (7)

Aeon Town NasuAeon Town Nasu
Convenient large supermarket

You can buy vegetables at affordable prices

Clean Station NasuClean Station Nasu
For taking out trash during long stays.

Cocos Nasu Kogen StoreCocos Nasu Kogen Store
family restaurant

Nasu Highland Tourist Information CenterNasu Highland Tourist Information Center
You can get discount coupons in bulk

Roadside Station Nasu Yuai no MoriYUAINO MORI (Roadside Station Nasu highland Yuai no Mori)
Can be used for meeting in the car or sleeping in the car

Resort HouseResort House
Real estate agent in Nasu


▼Nasushiobara City Useful (10)

vegetables are cheap

Super IkegamiSuper Ikegami
food procurement base

Eneos Nasushiobara Station West Exit SSEneos Nasushiobara Station West Exit SS
Foam mouton car wash is great

JR Kuroiso StationJR Kuroiso Station
If you like trains, please

JR Nasushiobara StationJR Nasushiobara Station
Convenient and interesting in many ways

I'm a reliable ally

TSUTAYA Kuroiso StoreTSUTAYA Kuroiso Store
Bookstore & Video Shop

Tsuburaya General Housing Research InstituteTsuburaya General Housing Research Institute
Reliable first-class architect

Rental Car Shop at Nasushiobara StationRental Car Shop at Nasushiobara Station
Base for renting a car

Mr. Tireman Kuroiso StoreMr. Tireman Kuroiso Store
For replacing studless tires


▼Otawara City Useful (1)

Taxi TourismTaxi Tourism
Sightseeing comfortably by taxi


▼Others (Etc.)
I want to
"How would you like to spend your time in Nasu?"
Corner to search by "I want to" and other information.

▼I want to know the roots of Nasu's prosperity
Roots of Nasu's prosperity_Nasu tourism and other information
Prosperity born from the spirit of noblesse oblige

Nasu has a pioneering history that is best described as "noblesse oblige."

▼I want to play with my pet (dog)
I want to play with my pet_Nasu tourism and other information
Playing with your pet (dog)

There are many places where you can have fun with your pet (dog).

▼I want to enjoy it for free
Free spots_Nasu sightseeing and other information
Free Spot

There are many popular spots where you can enjoy free admission.

▼I want to visit Nasu even in the rain
Nasu in the rain_Nasu tourism and other information
Nasu sightseeing in the rain

There are many places where you can enjoy sightseeing even in the rain, so don't worry.

▼I want to visit Nasu with my children
Bringing children_Nasu tourism and other information
Enjoy sightseeing in Nasu with kids

Enjoy taking pictures of cute little children playing with animals.

▼I want to experience it while sightseeing in Nasu
Experience_Nasu sightseeing and other information
Experience in Nasu

Enjoy an experience unique to Nasu

▼I want a Nasu sightseeing map
Nasu sightseeing map_Nasu sightseeing and other information
Nasu sightseeing map

This is a handmade map that allows you to list sightseeing spots scattered throughout the vast Nasu area.

▼I want a discount ticket for Nasu sightseeing
Discount ticket_Nasu tourism and other information
Discount ticket information

Get discount coupons and enjoy smartly

▼I want free photos of Nasu sightseeing
Photo gallery_Nasu sightseeing and other information
Nasu's free photo gallery

We are releasing the photo data of Nasu that we have taken so far.

▼Site introduction
This is Kaori_Nasu tourism and other information
About this site

I will talk about why I became a repeat visitor to Nasu tourism and the charm of Nasu.

▼How to use etc.

▼Hot springs in Nasu

▼Special feature

▼Seasonal recommendations

▼Other information


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